Welcome to the Age of Conquerors Wiki

This project is meant to create the most comprehensive source of facts & data about Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It was our intention to follow an intuitive tree structure that resembles the most important categories in the actual game. This platform was launched in November 2013 and continues to be a major undertaking. At this point, we’d like to thank every single contributor and we hope that our list of voluntary helpers keeps on growing.


This entire project wouldn’t exist without truly dedicated volunteers spending dozens of hours on monotonous work. A big Thank You to every single contributor!

Father_X Raw Material: Graphics, Tutorial Videos & Texts
_DZ_I3unny Raw Material: Graphics & Stats
[LOTD]Mulon Arts, Graphics & Coordination
Cavin Raw Material: Stats, Arts & Coordination
[UB]_Hacks Raw Material: Graphics & Stats
drushy Raw Material: Graphics, Stats & Texts
[kLu]el_Sancho Graphics
[DZ]_KodaK Raw Material: Graphics & Stats
[LOTD]gunZ__ Graphics
[LOTD]_Feanor_ AoC Expertise & Raw Material: Stats
[NoobG]_MyStiGaN_ Arts
_DZ_DarK_ Raw Material: Graphics & Stats
Philippe Le Bon (Harald Hardrada) Raw Material: Stats & History
[DZ]Seth Raw Material: Stats & Data
[LOTD]Midnight_Oil Graphics
____brave Raw Material : Graphics & Stats
chris Server & Platform
[TheJedi]Genette Raw Material: Graphics, Tutorial Videos, Layout & Coordination
[INoV]CarlosFerdinand AoC Expertise & Texts
[I3acI]_Taff Coordination
R2K_Josh Stats & Texts
[Vpromo]RobinHood Data, Texts & Graphics