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The Casual Lobby (Unrated Lobby)

  • Unrated Lobby only.

  • Beginners have a starting point without the pressures of regular ratings.

  • For promoting custom-made, alternative style maps, new maps and/or mods.

  • A more relaxed environment that promotes a casual and fun place for ALL players, regardless of skill level, new or experienced.

  • Match Stats Ladder (Casual) shows statistics and recordings only. Wins, losses and points (1600 rating) are not reflected on players on this Ladder: (example)

The New Player Lobby (Rated Lobby)

  • Lobby with Rated and Unrated Ladders.

  • Beginners also have the option to start out by playing on Voobly’s Beginners Ladder for rated games. The rated match statistical pages generate automatic statistics for each game played under the Ladder(s); recordings, military statistics, economy, points won or lost, and your current rating for that Lobby. This is just one of many rated Ladders Voobly has to offer.

  • If you would rather not play rated, you can play in the Casual Lobby, or you can play under the unrated ladder using the Match Stats Only (NPL) Ladder.

Do you want to play but need the game?

Buy the HD version here. After purchasing (or if you already have the game) you need to do a clean installation of the game. Follow the directions exactly on that page and you should have no problems getting started.

Most common problems, if any, are fast proxy and disconnection issues. You can view the help topic page on fast proxy errors here. The majority of crash and disconnection problems can be solved by a) ensuring you have a legal copy of the game and b) following the clean installation instructions above.